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Local Customer Support

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We take great pride in being a locally owned Australian technology company based in Sydney which provides quality services across the entire Australian market space.  We believe in investing in local people, good systems and sound processes to bring you quality services and products at all times.   Our commitment to providing local, trusted and quality support includes:

  • Local customer support team based in Australia
  • In-house staff for product design and research based in Australia
  • Top quality spares management for quick and efficient repairs.   All products and spares kept in local Australian stores
  • Top quality installation and service partners located in multiple cities around Australia that operate in accordance with quality standards and a strong customer service focus
  • Top class, efficient and user friendly online sales platform, all designed and created by local IT industry experts
  • A network of local courier companies highly regarded for their dedication to quality service for quick, reliable and efficient deliveries
  • User friendly and responsive customer support services via online and telephone
  • Our ’24 hour’ issue resolution promise

Please refer to our Support or FAQ page for further information.

Please contact us at support@ec2-13-211-203-141.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com or call us on our toll free line (from landline only) 1800 082 221 for any support matters.