SMATE Headphones

SMATE offers a great range of headphones to suit every lifestyle.  Headphones include our ‘Pure’, ‘Roaming’ and ‘Gaming’ ranges.   All of our headphones are Australian designed and built using the latest and best technology.


The ‘Pure’ range includes noise cancelling headphones which are not only beautifully designed, they will also reduce ambient noise by up to 90 percent thanks to the inbuilt patented Bongiovi DPS technology.   They also include Bluetooth technology with HD sound and NFC touch.

Current models available: Active Noise Cancelling SMATE Headphone – SMPSHPNC1
Gaming Series: For custom gaming headphones

SMATE gaming headphones are ideal for all types of online gaming. The headphones include an adjustable microphone arm for easy talking, large comfortable ear muffs for all head sizes and high quality crystal clear sound enriched with SMATE’s patented technology.

Current models available: SMATE Gaming Headphone – SMGSHPGM1
Roaming Series: Completely wireless for on-ear and in-ear headphones.

With advanced technology and a multiplicity of features including DSP, Bluetooth, FM radio, Ultra Touch Volume control, Noise-Cancelling microphone and much more, these headphones will keep you connected while you train, work, travel, and chill out.

Current models available: SMATE On-Ear Headphone – SM1HPN2.1 & SMATE In-Ear Headphone – SM2HPS2.1

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