Welcome to SMATE TVs, the world’s best and latest 4K Smart televisions blending technology and good design.
Experience reality at its best with SMATE Smart Series 4kTVs! The SMATE ‘SMART’ Series 4KSMART TV will instantly transform the meaning of reality for you!
Experience the world as you see and hear it with the Ultra High Definition picture quality delivering four times as many pixels from the full high definition panel, bringing the real world into your living space.
With the latest ELED frame and pixel distribution manufacturing process, SMATE TVs are not only the lightest, they also boast a superior design which enables the product to be seamlessly integrated in to your living space on a TV unit or the wall as a picture frame.
With the latest in cutting edge technology, SMATE’s SMART TV features will have you connected to the internet world in no time bringing you the latest and best Apps such as Netflix, Stan, You Tube and many more – all at your fingertips.
See what our customers are saying about SMATE TVs.
“It’s a fantastic TV for the price range and the quality is brilliant. Very very happy and satisfied with the purchase. What’s more, it arrived within a few days of us ordering it online. Very good experience. Thanks, Phil & family”.
It’s that simple! Smart TVs for smart people!
Current models available: 49″inch (SM1UHDSE49)and 55″inch (SM1UHDSE55).


Experience Reality and Technology at its best with SMATE Air Series 4kTVs!
The Air Series SMATE 4KTV is a breakthrough in the latest technology with the hybrid television technology HBBTV2.0 giving you the best freeview and catch-up TV experience. It also features very high native panel refresh rates to catch everything in fast motion with Air Motion (60 to 120HZ native real panel refresh rate per second).
Designed to the highest quality and boasting A+ defect free UHD panels, ELED lightweight technology, metallic frame for aesthetics integration, android smart capabilities and much more, the television delivers an exceptional viewing experience without breaking the budget !


It’s that simple! Smart TVs for smart people!
Please sign up for our newsletters and promotions and keep an eye out for the launch of the SMATE Air Series TV very soon!Current models available: 65″inch (SM1UHDAE65) – Under development to be launched soon.


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Experience Reality at its best ! SMATE Smart Series 55”...
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