Personal Audio Roaming Series
SMATE In Ear Sports Wireless Headphone Roaming Series
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Clear Sound on the go with SMATE Roaming Series In-Ear Headphones!

SMATE Roaming Series In-Ear Headphones are an excellent choice for crystal clear sound on the go, whether travelling, exercising, working or moving around at home.


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Enjoy clear sound on the go with SMATE Roaming Series In-Ear Headphones!

SMATE In-Ear Headphones are an excellent choice for crystal clear sound on the go, whether you are travelling, working out, moving around at work or chilling out at home. Designed to provide the ‘ultimate’ level of comfort and confidence while moving around, the headphones are engineered to fit the head from behind so they stay firmly in place and hidden from view. They are also sweat resistant making them the ideal choice for exercise, long days at work or simply hanging out at the beach or poolside on a sunny day.</p style=”text-align:justify”>


Here is what some of our happy customers have to say about these headphones.

“These headphones are awesome. I’ve never come across anything like them. They stay on my head and don’t move when I’m running. The sound is brilliant and they’re so easy to use. I bought both colours and use them everyday.”
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“I’ve been using in ear headphones for years and have switched to SMATE headphones. I saw them on facebook and bought a pair. I use them all the time. All my mates have bought some too. They stay on and the music quality is great. They sync to your phone and are good for phone calls too. They just slide on to the back of your head and they don’t fall off or move around while you are exercising. Great design.”
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SMATE headphones are designed to perfection with state of the art acoustical, mechanical, electronic and quality engineering, so you experience top quality sound. Key features include state of the art Blue Connect technology which seamlessly connects the SMATE In-Ear Headphones to your preferred devices with ease. They deliver natural sound with a deep bass surround sound effect ensuring you experience the best sound your music has to offer.   Listen to your favourite music, TV, videos, games, MP3 within seconds wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices with a range of 10 metres.</p style=”text-align:justify”>
It’s that simple! Smart sound for smart people!


SMATE Roaming Series In-Ear Headphone


  • Clear sound quality with DSP and a powerful bass surround sound effect
  • Wirelessly connect seamlessly with Blueconnect technology for Bluetooth devices
  • Microphone built in for hands free talking
  • Design features: intelligent control and light touch mode for easy operations with LED backlight support
  • Sweat and light water resistant
  • Long lasting and robust battery lets you listen to your music non-stop for about 10 hours and standby time of around 200hrs
  • Quick charging within 1 to 1.5 hr to hit the road again
  • Super elegant and light makes it very easy to carry and take it anywhere
  • Super metallic finish and style makes it a piece of art to boast of with hanging neck strap and transparent Halter strap holder


Intelli Core Integrated Speakers


State of the art speakers integrated into the headphone moulds deliver high quality, clear and natural sound.
Cutting edge acoustical and electronic engineering ensures the sound delivery is balanced and delivered evenly through the speakers. SMATE’s patented technology ensures sound delivery is crisp and evenly delivered while moving around and that handsfree talking is seamless. </p style=”text-align:justify”>


Bluetooth Connectivity


With their advanced Bluetooth technology ‘BlueConnect V4.0’, you can connect the headphones wirelessly from any of your favourite devices like a smart phone, tablet and other Bluetooth enabled devices within a long range of 10 metres. The in-built microphone lets you indulge in handsfree talking with Intelli control touch mode for easy operation. </p style=”text-align:justify”>

With the latest Bluetooth technology, you’ll save on power use giving you longer listening time of up to 10 hours. With seamless integration, the headphones are super easy to set-up at the touch of your fingers allowing you to enjoy pure sound from your favourite audio source.
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Superior Design


Built using state of the art materials and thorough mechanical and acoustical engineering, the SMATE Headphones deliver a super light and fluid design. Light touch technology integrated with LED means the headphones are super easy to use and can be operated at the touch of your fingers. They are light and easy to carry. The design is highly ergonomic complete with a hanging neck strap equipped with a transparent halter strap holder. They are sweat and light shower resistant, making them the ideal choice for activities that involve sweat or water.   Pick from a range of royal blue or sunny gold colours.
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Easy Set-Up and Operation

With quick and easy set-up, it’s a piece of cake to get the SMATE headphones going! Connect them wirelessly with ‘BlueConnect’ ‘or’ connect to your TV or MP3 player in a matter of minutes. They are the ideal companion for sports, leisure and life!
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    • Hardware configuration chip CSR8635 stereo
    • Dual headphone headset split about
    • SMD fidelity microphone MIC
    • I / O interface 5PIN IO Interface
    • Support colour charge indicator
    • Search connector colour LED support
    • Answer / end button support
    • Play / Pause button support
    • Stubbs switch key support
    • Volume Control High Sensitive touch control
    • Under a button double-click support
    • Hall control standby / suspend / end
    • Product performance Bluetooth system Bluetooth V4.0
    • Bluetooth protocol HFPV1.6, HSPV1.2, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4, DI V1.3
    • Transmission power support CLASS1 / CLASS2 / CLASS3 maximum adjustable 8dBm
    • Frequency range 2.4-2.480GHz
    • High-fidelity stereo audio performance, support for AAC, MP3, SBC, APT-X
    • Audio SNR greater than or equal to 75dB
    • Wireless transmission distance of 10 m
    • Battery 150mAh
    • Charging time 1.0-1.5 hours
    • Call listening to music about 10 hours
    • More than 200 hours of standby time


In the box

1X Headphone; 1X Micro USB cable; 1X User Manual; 4X Ear plug

SMATE In Ear Sports Wireless Headphone Roaming Series
Weight .25 kg Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 cm

Gold, Blue

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